Rhonda's Reflections

Rescue or Pedigree?

June 16, 2015

Rescue or Pedigree? And yet she tells another Hobo story. As is often the case, I was talking about Hobo at Annual Conference. In sharing with those in the car that Hobo says, "I love you" I explained that everyone knew that I loved my first shih tsu, Patches, but now I know that Hobo loves me. Patches who lived to be 16 years old, was a pedigree, he had papers saying he came from a champion bloodline and I paid quite a lot of money for him. Patches lived the life of luxury, never missing a meal, never sleeping outside, and he had quite the pedigree attitude. My neighbor once said when he barked to come inside, it sounded like he was demanding, "OPEN THE DOOR!" Yes Patches knew he was loved –he wasn't good at r Read More »


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