Rhonda's Reflections

Stumbling Blocks

October 6, 2015

Stumbling BlocksSunday's scriptures from the Gospel of Mark (9:33-35; 42-48 and 10:13-16) tell us that children hold the keys to the Kingdom of God and that adults need to not only become like a child but to be careful not to put a stumbling block in a child's way to Jesus. Becoming like a child doesn't mean being immature. What Jesus meant is that we are to be dependent, vulnerable and weak, trusting the Father to provide all we need. Our pride and self-reliance, can keep us from experiencing the Kingdom of God. God also expects those in the church to trust one another, to be willing to be dependent vulnerable and weak which requires trust, as well as forgiveness because inevitably we will intentionally or unintentionally break Read More »


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