Pastor's Notes


March 13, 2018

King Henry II, in order to curb the growing power of the church, had a brilliant plan. He decided to nominate his good friend and chancellor, Thomas Beckett, to be archbishop of Canterbury. With Beckett as his puppet, Henry would control both church and state-or so he thought.As the day approached for Beckett's consecration, a change came over him. When he clothed himself in the robes of the archbishop, he experienced an inner transformation. He resolved that he would not be archbishop in appearance only, but in fact-a decision that later cost him his life. He is considered a Saint and Martyr.In Romans 13, Paul urges us to clothe ourselves with Christ, to resolve to be Christians not only in appearance but in the innermost parts of our Read More »


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  • Sunday School - 9:45Am
  • Morning Worship - 10:45Am
  • Evening Worship - 6:30pm
  • Youth Fellowship - 6:30pm


  • Choir Practice - 6:45pm

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