Rhonda's Reflections

Bad Words at the Beauty Shop

January 27, 2015

Bad Words at the Beauty Shop I was getting my hair cut yesterday and overhead a conversation between a 4 year old girl and her 6 year old brother as he was waiting to get his haircut. It went something like this:"You like him, he is your friend." (little sister)"No I don't! I HATE him!" (older brother)"Well you didn't have to say a BAD word!" (little sister)Huh? I thought to myself, I didn't hear him say a bad word. Then it dawned on me that to this adorable four-year old little girl, "HATE" was a bad word. She was still under mom's care at home, while her older brother was in school and out in the real world he had learned that there are times when the word "hate" is okay.In Read More »


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