Pastor's Notes

The Presence of God

May 23, 2017

Dr. Terry Teykl describes the work of the church as being a church based on the Presence of God. He encourages the church to center on that great work. As pastor here at Glen Alpine, I offer his words for our journey together of being: "Hungry to know God's ways, His glory, His heart, His voice, His rest and His thoughts, the people push past prayer that meets human agendas to seek God just for Himself. They pray to see His face, not just move His hand."This is a realm of prayer that few ever experience. It is the purist form of prayer that teeters close to the edge of worship - that of praying to know God for no other reason except that He is worthy to be known.It is the prayer of healthy desperation, a yearning prayer withou Read More »


Service Times


  • Sunday School - 9:45Am
  • Morning Worship - 10:45Am
  • Evening Worship - 6:30pm
  • Youth Fellowship - 6:30pm


  • Choir Practice - 6:45pm

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