Rhonda's Reflections

Life with Luli

November 18, 2014

LIFE WITH LULU – Shared by Dane Faulkner [her grandfather]Lulu [age 7] and the Kindling Box [11-15-14]I came in the house at the end of the day and went into the living room where the wood stove is. It was cold outside and the stove needed wood. There in the floor was a long line of pieces of wood from the kindling box, carefully placed end to end. With some imagination you could see what might be a toy railroad.It seemed to have an order to it. On one end the pieces were large and irregular with high and low places. They were all in a line and connected. As I looked at it and moved toward the other end, the pieces were more even in proportion to each other, smoother and straighter. I asked Mary if she saw Lulu's railroad. She sai Read More »


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