Pastor's Notes

Pastor's Notes

August 9, 2016

I like to hear great stories of former presidents, regardless of political party affiliation. As the tone of election seasons seem to get bleaker every four years, it is important for me to re-visit some good memories. I share one with you I read recently.

President Jimmy Carter, in a deliberate and intentional effort to "stay close to the people" collaborated with CBS to initiate a program whereby Americans could call in on the telephone and ask him any question or tell him anything they had on their mind. Forty-two Americans were able to talk to the President on the telephone. But there were also 9,499,958 disappointed people who got a busy signal when they called.

It would be a great thrill to talk to the President of the United States. But I am reminded that one of our emphases and disciplines is prayer. Through this we have the opportunity to talk with Someone far more important than the President each day. God is very much interested in helping us with the questions and burdens we are facing. No one gets a busy signal!

President Carter had several of his aides standing nearby to help him with questions that he could not answer. Several times he had to refer the questions to them. God has the answers to all the pressing questions we have. Sometimes God answers in ways that we might not want to hear or at a later time. Surely God will always have the right answer.

As great as President Carter's efforts were, I continue to be more amazed at the accessibility level of God. And it is not by telephone, it is in person.

I challenge each of you to take advantage of a relationship made possible by God alone.

Praise Be to God! Amen.


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