Pastor's Notes

Pastor's Notes

August 23, 2016

Well, another NASCAR race in our region has come and gone. I honestly don't know a lot about racing. My father, like his father before him, is a huge fan. There is at least one racing concept that I believe has great implications for life.

Drafting is when two cars are traveling one just behind the other. This arrangement happens early in the race, as it doesn't really matter who is in first place until the checkered flag at the end. What matters is the journey until then. While the two stay together, they are both able to travel faster and with improved fuel usage. It is simply easier.

In life, no one is capable of holding up by themselves. Each of us needs each other. Though we are all created with our own unique gifts and abilities, we all have something to share of ourselves.

I trust that you continue to experience that very concept in the life of Glen Alpine UMC. We are blessed here with compassionate, caring, and willing people who want to make a difference.

As I find myself contemplating our relationships with neighbors, I ask myself in what ways can Christians develop a "drafting" relationship with our neighbors? May God guide us in our thinking and in our doing.

Praise Be to God! Amen.


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