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November ...

November 8, 2016

November …

November is a great month! I enjoy the weather change. (I really do!) I love the colors of the landscape and the sky. I look at the nighttime stars with much more wonder! Even as I get used to the time change, I realize God's presence throughout the season in more profound ways.

We work through elections (as I write this on election day morning, I have no idea about the outcome of various races, but am confident in the One who holds tomorrow).

Melancholy reflections are ideal as we move toward winter. I invite each of you to do some journaling yourself. It is a great exercise that grants us a different perspective of things.

I also invite you to look forward to the future. In worship, we will be completing the preaching series on PrayerWorks and are inviting everyone to place a note of Thanksgiving on the Thanksgiving tree in the Sanctuary. (Paper leaves and acorns are available along with a sharpie and hanger). Following a time of journaling, it is not difficult to name something for which we are most thankful. Let's fill the tree with thanksgiving notes!

I also am looking forward to the preaching series for Advent (beginning November 27), "Home for Christmas". We will also enjoy a couple of weeks with musical concerts by Kings Kids and our own Choir in December. I love November! I hope to see you Sunday as we worship the King of Kings!

Blessings, Richie

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