Pastor's Notes

Working Together

December 6, 2016

Several years ago, John Ed Mathison shared a wonderful story that is a great reminder about "working together". I pray that each of you is having a most meaningful Advent season! God Bless all of you!

Richie uring Christmas one of the programs of the rehabilitation work in Montgomery was the emphasis on recycling usable goods to make decorations. Handicapped people were encouraged to take litter and make it into glitter. A group of children were encouraged to display their creativity and the best Christmas decoration would be rewarded with a silver dollar. One boy in a wheelchair who had no arms and legs was excited about some ideas that he had for making decorations. His mind was churning with creative ideas. Suddenly a little fellow walked over and stood right in front of his face to read his lips because he was deaf and could not hear. When he "heard" his friend, he became excited and said, he has the ideas in his mind and the ears to hear, and I have the hands and feet to carry out his ideas so we'll work together and win the prize."

And work together they did-they not only won the silver dollar for their particular group, but they also won the best window decoration for the downtown stores and received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Chamber of Commerce. With each having his own handicap, neither could have made the decorations. But working together, they formed an unbeatable team!

Each of us has handicaps and limitations. No one person can carry out the ministry of the church. But my understanding of Church is that we are people who work together and allow our mutual strengths and weaknesses to mesh. We "bear one another's burdens…." By ourselves we can do very little, but together God can work miracles through us!

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