Pastor's Notes

There's No Way I Would Dress Up Like That!

February 14, 2017

"There's no way I would dress up like that!" I understand your feelings. The folk who are dressed as the Statue of Liberty, standing on sidewalks in towns and cities everywhere, seem a bit "out there". Often, they are dancing, almost always moving a little, but clearly "alive". These folk, I would guess are not the actual tax-preparers, but are paid actors from the community who attempt to draw the attention of those who drive by their places of business.

I have not known any of them personally-yet. It seems like a rather fun job, though probably doesn't pay that well. I read an article about one a few years back. His dancing was so energetic that he was the "talk-of-the-town". It must be an effective marketing strategy, as most of these offices seem to employ folk to do this foolish-looking work.

At a Continuing Education event recently, we learned that there are 7 different meanings for what we understand as the word, "praise". Out of those seven, one word was for God Worshippers who seemed to praise God in such a way, that they might even "look foolish". This was clearly not the way I was raised to worship. I was raised to sit quietly, stand at the appropriate time, harmonize my voice with others' voices, and above all, "do not call attention to oneself".

Surely praise is not meant for the worshipper to draw a following of themselves, but to clearly draw people to see God for themselves. Not simply in a worship service, but we as followers of God have an opportunity each day to demonstrate to the world that we belong to God.

May our lives draw others to the life-changing love of Jesus Christ, even if at first it looks a little foolish!

Blessings, Richie <><

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