Pastor's Notes

Easter is about new Life!

April 11, 2017

"Christmas Is Not Your Birthday: Experience the Joy of Living and Giving like Jesus" is a book title by Rev. Mike Slaughter of Ginhamsburg UMC. I have loved this book as it has challenged me in this consumer society.

I am not writing a book on it, but if I were, a great title might be, "Easter Is Not Your Birthday Either: Understanding Sacrifice in an All about Me World". I continue to hear cries to cut back and simplify. I applaud those who took the "Forty Bags in Forty Days" challenge during Lent. Getting rid of forty bags, we find is a start…and hopefully a lifestyle.

The process by which we make sacrifices includes physically removing things that perhaps we have attached some level of meaning. We often see that those items have little to no meaning to anyone else. We may discover that in reducing our stuff, we are freed from a great weight.

Easter is about New Life in a lot of ways! I trust that your Easter journey will include finding meaning in what we are able to do for others. I continue to be inspired by the people of Glen Alpine church. There exists an obvious deep-seeded passion for missions among the members here. Even if one cannot do physical levels like in past years, everyone can do something, even if it is a card or a phone call. I love to see new folks inspired and tackle new endeavors without drawing attention to themselves, only done to the Glory of God. The Risen Christ breaks the power of Sin and of Death.

The Risen Christ also breaks down the power of material possessions and activity-consumed notions. As Easter people, may you find direction for living and giving in a New Way this season!

On Easter Sunday, we will begin a new series entitled, "Put on Your Easter". Let's celebrate the Risen Christ together!

Blessings, Richie

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