Pastor's Notes

A Definition of Testimony

August 29, 2017

A Definition of Testimony: Testimony - a public recounting of a religious conversion or experience.

One of the most encouraging things we can do as a Christian is to share our experiences of God. Sure, it is easier to listen to someone else rather than express it yourself (particularly for us introverts). However, as the Bible records, Jesus did many other signs and miracles that are not recorded. I have often wondered about those! In our worship of God, either formally or informally, we can offer this most important act of being Christian.

I would like to encourage you to write your own recent experience. Choose something that you are convinced that God was very much directing and empowering! Put it into writing at first in a brief 3 or 4 sentences. Read over it. Re-phrase some things. Read it again until it is very natural.

During our Homecoming worship service on September 10, I would like to extend an opportunity (to the first 3 people to share with me about their experience) to share briefly this important aspect of the Christian faith.

For United Methodists, the membership vow we remember is that we "will Support the United Methodist Church with our Prayers, our Presence, our Gifts, our Service, and our Witness". Our Witness is more than merely being positive about the church, the denomination, the staff, or ministries; Our Witness is a recounting of our experience with God.

God is surely at work is our lives and life together. I invite all of you to participate by spending time with God, reflective of Salvation work in us.

Blessings, Richie

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