Pastor's Notes

Practice of the Presence of God

October 24, 2017

In a small paperback entitled, the Practice of the Presence of God, Brother Lawrence's letters are shared. The first letter includes these thoughts:

Dear Friend, I'd like to use this occasion to inform you of the thoughts of one of our brothers concerning the wonderful results and the continual help he receives from the presence of God. We could both profit from them. For more than 40 years, this brother's principal endeavor has been to stay as close as possible to God, doing, saying, and thinking nothing that might displease Him. He has no reason for doing this, except to show his gratitude for God's pure love, and because God deserves infinitely more than that anyway.

Imagine what contentment and satisfaction he enjoys, possessing such an ever-present treasure! He isn't anxious to find it, and doesn't worry about where to look for it, because he has already found it and may take whatever he wants from it.

Once again, let us examine our inner selves. Time is pressing down on us, and each of us must be responsible for himself. I believe you have prepared yourself properly, so you won't be taken by surprise. I respect you for this; it is, after all, our business to be as open as possible to God's grace. However, we must continuously walk in God's Spirit, since in the spirit-life not to advance is to fall back. But those who have the wind of the Holy Spirit in their souls glide ahead even while they sleep. If the vessel of our soul is still being tossed by winds or storms, we should wake the Lord Who has been resting with us all along, and He will swiftly calm the sea.

Let us pray earnestly for one another to receive this grace for ourselves.

These thoughts from Brother Lawrence, a man of humble beginnings, challenge me to use this important time to cultivate the deep presence of God, leading to joy!

Blessings, Richie

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