Pastor's Notes


November 21, 2017

I recently texted a long-time friend of mine. I immediately got a text back. It said something to the effect, "I am driving. My phone is in DriveMode. I will respond when I reach my destination. If this is an urgent need, text back with "URGENT".

So, this new phone app is designed to keep the driver from hearing and responding while driving. It also gives the other person the option to shove a text through so the driver can pull off the road and respond.

I then downloaded this free app that has the potential to save my life. I strongly encourage any of you to do likewise. The catch phrase about texting and driving is "It can wait".

As I reflect on this theologically, I am a recipient of God's free grace…a grace that is life-giving and life-saving. Further, the other stuff in our lives "can wait". Our relationship with God should be a priority.

Let's make it so!

Blessings, Richie

P.S.: DriveMode is the particular app I downloaded. There are a number of apps that are available. Download today!

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