United Methodist Women

History of the Glen Alpine UMW

The first women's organization at Glen Alpine Methodist Church was organized in 1935 - The Women's Missionary Society. Mrs. Miles Ratliff was the first President. The Women's Society of Christian Service (W.S.C.S.) was charged through the Conference in 1939, and the first President was Mrs. Rufus Bailey. The organization's name was again changed in 1972 to United Methodist Women. Mrs. Gladys Childress was president at that time.

The Women of Glen Alpine have always been active in many projects. Primary emphasis is placed on missions -- local, national and world. Mission money is sent to the Women's Division through the District and Conference United Methodist Women. Contributions are made directly to various mission projects. We financially and prayerfully support our church Adult and Youth Mission teams who make annual trips for a national mission project.

Through the efforts of the Women's organization, a parsonage was built for Glen Alpine in 1941 on Ridge Road, now owned by Ralph Brooks. A new parsonage was built in 1969 on Leaning Pine Road, and the Women assisted with furnishings and decorations and have continued to help maintain parsonage furnishings throughout the years. The Women were instrumental in furnishing the kitchen in our new addition with commercial equipment and furnishings.

The Women organized the church's tape ministry in 1984. Sunday morning worship services are taped and delivered to our sick and shut-ins. This enables them to feel they are still a part of the church, even though they can not always be with us.

We provide the Upper Room and Pockets devotional guides for our church families. Some other projects include refreshments for Vacation Bible School, take food to bereaved families' homes, and send a Valentine box of homemade treats to our college students. We remember our shut-ins during the year with cards, goodies, telephone calls and visits. We honor our Seniors with a banquet upon their graduation from high school.

We annually recognize a member of our unit for out-standing leadership and dedication to the church and community by giving a gift to missions in her honor. We also send a gift to missions honoring each new baby in the church.

We participate in UMW district and conference events by sending delegates to the annual meetings and encouraging participation in the Spiritual Enrichment Experience and School of Christian Missions by offering scholarships.

We encourage members to pledge their gifts for mission work, but at the same time we promote special projects to help raise funds. Such events through the years have been bake sales; various luncheons and dinners; bazaars and rummage sales; selling vanilla, knives, napkins and various other items; and for many years, serving meals to the local Civitan and Optimist Clubs.

Many talented women have served as officers and faithful members of United Methodist Women. We have grown through the years to 60+ members with four circles. The circles meet monthly in a member's home or at the church for Bible or mission study, prayer and fellowship, and spiritual growth.