Worship Ministry

Worship Ministry

Thank you for visiting our worship page. We welcome everyone to join us for worship at Glen Alpine with open hearts and open minds.

What is Worship?
To worship is to show reverence, honor or value to something or someone.
At Glen Alpine, we believe that God alone is worthy of worship. Through our weekly worship services we honor God with our presence, praising Him through music, reading the scriptures, participation in the sermon, and lifting up prayers of concerns and praises.

As you enter into the sanctuary, your eyes are drawn to the center altar and the stained glass window.
What do the symbols represent in the window?

Empty Cross - Risen and Living Christ
Eye of God - All Knowing
Fish Symbol - Early Christians Used This Symbol to Identify Themselves to Each Other
Dove - God the Holy Spirit. Also, a Symbol of Peace and Purity
Triangle - God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Circle - Our Eternal God Without Beginning or End
Four Winged Creatures - These four creatures represent the four apostles and the various interpretations of Jesus Christ presented by the four Gospels.

The likeness of their faces was:
Ox - Luke
Man - Matthew
Eagle - John
Lion - Mark

Our worship service on Sunday morning is held in this sanctuary. During this service, our minister of music, organist/pianist, and talented choir leads the congregation in old and new songs of faith. We pray together the Lord's Prayer, read affirmations of faith and prayers and sing the Doxology. The sermons are presented in a way that the listener can use the information in his/her faith walk each day.

During the worship service, a special time is set aside for our children to hear and participate in a brief lesson taught by our minister, staff members, and others. We also have children's church where the lessons are geared to their learning level.